One of most common names in the village Woudenberg is De Bree.
On page 9 of the magazine "Oud-Woudenberg" (2003 no 1) is a short familytree of De Bree (1600 till 1750). This familytree starts with the first known "De Bree": Gerrit Hendricks (van) Bree [also known as Gerardus à Bree]. This Gerrit Hendricks was a wellkown man. He has mentioned as a representative of the Reformed Church in Woudenberg in a meeting (Synode) of the Reformed Church in 1606 en 1612. Later on (1619) he is elswere a minister.

Two generations later (the generation in between has not found yet) there is a son called Gerrit Jansz Bree (about 1625).
This Gerrit Jansz Bree had two sons (born about 1650):
Jan (Gerritsz) de Bree 1000 and Hendrick Gerritsz de Bree.
Jan (Gerritsz) also had two sons:
Jan Jansz de Bree 221 [married to Hendrijn van Dam] and Anthoni Jansz (de) Bree 992 [married to Gougje van Dam].

According to the writer of the article Jan Jansz had three sons:

  • Dirk Jansz de Bree 652 and 934
    [twice married: in 1748 to Marritje Errisz van Ekris (652) and in 1758 to Cornelia Hendriks van Apeldoorn (934)]
  • Jan (Jansz) de Bree 171
    [married in 1759 to W(e)ijntje Vermeulen]
  • Frans Jansz de Bree 935
    [married in 1740 to Jantje Rijersz van de Haer]
  • The writer of the article is Wim de Greef Azn.

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